Please, pull up a chair and have a seat. Grab some of the coffee or tea, cookies or biscuits. Welcome to you all and thank you for visiting my page. I guess you are all wondering why I’ve called you here today and the answer is to just have a friendly chat! I love meeting new people and finding out things about them. What makes them tick, what they love to do and I also like people getting to know me.

First off, and not to scare you away, but I’m probably the most scattered brain, goofiest, WEIRDEST person you will ever know. In a good way, trust me! Or don’t, it’s up to you. You are going to probably find the most random posts on this blog. It’s what I do because I like to do so many other things than just writing! I have often been told that that makes me weird or nerdy, yet I just embrace it with a smile and a huge THANK YOU!

Even my characters think I’m weird. (Yes, if I mention writing of books, you will see me refer to my characters as real people, because come on, who doesn’t do that?!) Where was I going with this? Oh yes! *shuffles papers*

You are all here because you found something interesting; interesting writing, interesting pictures, or just curious to see what’s interesting about me. Everything I write makes me exposed, raw and I hope inviting. The topics I write about are things I find interesting. So please, sit, read and enjoy! Pull up your chair and enjoy your snacks because it’s time to get this roller coaster started!